The Agnostic Comes Clean Lyrics

Elastic Purejoy, The

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Lyrics to The Agnostic Comes Clean
when I open my eyes, I notice things like

how the rent is late, and how the car needs plates

and see the microwave is in such a state

quality of life is getting poor of late

like the birds in winter, we could all leave in droves

yet somehow we all stay and it's not like we pray

as if we'll all be saved, at least not every day

something is slipping here, maybe now we get to pay

when I open my eyes

I undermine my fears

let tattoos hide my cares

it's slipping into gear

I strip away at the layers

I throw off all of my years

I banish all of my fears

feel it slipping into gear

no longer ends in tears

when I open my eyes
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