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Lyrics to That's What We're Taught
That's What We're Taught Video:
[Parody of Greenday - Basket Case]

Do you have the time?
To watch me speak and shine.
About the Gospel and The Book of Mormon.
I'm not one of those,
Evangelists on the road,
Who's always on the move to get your money,

Sometimes we go out Fearlessing,
Sometimes we get inside a house,
Referrals keep adding up,
I know we're helping out,
The Kingdom of God,
That's what we're taught!

We preach about Christ,
And through His sacrifice,
Redemption can be made on earth today

I know this sounds weird,
We preach no drugs, no beer,
I hope you want to hear about Jesus Christ.


Tracting got our prize!
So I better go Baptize!


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