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Lyrics to That's What I've Always Wanted
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What motivates me ?
Well, I love music and learned how not to burn myself out
With what I do I have to be very careful, not to ever
get burned out with it
Or get pissed off with it, Oh yeah!
It took a long time
To work that out, I can't elieve my chance
Cause I don't have to go to work
Or anything, when I was young
I prayed and said I wanna be a singer please, be a singer
That's what I always wanted
And that's what I am thank you, Oh yeah!
The spirit is very important to me
Beacause it's the essence of life
It's when I see beautiful things
Eternal things like trees or sun
Yeah, I mean
Where we're sitting now, it's the most beautiful setting
I feel that these things are always reflections of spiritual planets
So those things are things I really try to focus on, Oh focus on
And really try to make a point
Of really appreciating something of beauty that day
Try having a child and you'll know you'll have no
question about that
Everyone does suffer, but the principle of life is to enjoy it
Cause it's WONDERFUL
And if you don't stick to your pricnciples
Then all you have left is the suffering
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