That'll Be the Day Lyrics

Kay Adams

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Lyrics to That'll Be the Day
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Promises promises that's all I ever get
You said you'd quit that trucking but you ain't quit it yet
Each time you come dragging in you say I'll have my way
You'll find a joke right here at home but that'll be the day

A little Danny boy was born in Amarrillo while you was somewhere on the road
You said you were snowbind in Idaho haulin' some heavy load
And when you lost that rig and done her pass honey you said you'd quit that day
You swore that run would be your last but ha that'll be the day
Promises promises...

You know Judy's gonna marry the boy next door the one that you've never even met
You told me that you'd get the drive away but well I know that you'll forget
And when they ask me where you are each night I don't know what to say
We're lonesome and wantin' you home with us but that'll be the day
Promises promises...
Songwriters: Turner, Scott / Thornton, Jim
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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