Lyrics to Thathorates
Thathorates Video:
A churning, sweaty room in this broken town The kids are swinging from the rafters, the band¹s burning the place down A gallery of sonic art, a place where the sound of our laughter¹s only matched by the guitars You¹re welcome here, at our open house, the community suite Now come in off the street They came to shut it down, they came to scoff They came with fingers in their ears, that seems to be part of their jobs What they don¹t see, what they don¹t know, is that our music makes a family and we are already home Thathorates have no respect for our own good This is our place to sing, dance and create a life, a life worth living It¹s either here or on the streets This is the only place to be breathe the air that¹s free from Thathorates Our space They haven¹t tried to understand Thathorates can¹t evict our hearts Though they can try to bar our doors We¹ll take it backŠwe¹ll find a way Shut down, build it back up This is our urgency Forced out, breakin¹ back in State of emergency We¹ve got to give it life each time they shut it down because I¹m tired of saying there¹s nothing to do in this town

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