Lyrics to That Spot
That Spot Video:
Baby girl 5'6
she had to be like a size 5 or 6
i met her at da mall rite in front of footlocker
my nigga bet me 20 i couldnt get her so i
walked in like i was bout to buy somthin n got to lookin around like i couldnt find nothin
she walked back in got to lookin at her ass
den i asked if she had dees in 11 n a half
she was like ooh baby i dont work here
den i put da shoe bak n i said i new dat
she smiled and got to walkin to da door
but i couldnt let her go so i walked to tha door to
den i said come on my niggas lets go
pretty girls aint givin out dey #'s no more
den i turned around looked at her n she laughed again
tapped me on da shoulder
n she asked if i had a pen
i said yea deres one in back a my trio
she pulled out her razor i said
ill traid ya!
her screen saver said niggas aint shit
dats funny cuz mine said money over a bitch
i said ill call ya
she u betta
collected 20 $ from my nigga
den later on got her on da phone like wait til get cha
she like what makes u so special?
[ chorus ]
i no where dat spot at girl...
[ 4x]

i be havin a moment n she b like dont wake da kids dont wake da kids

we was da phone til da early mon
i was jus trynna c what dis girly on
i said im diggin u n she was diggin me to
baby look familler think i saw her at da view
i was like girl u should be my boo
she was like ohh daddy can i come thru
i was like cool den i told her where i live
she said she be over by 1O and its 9:45
so dat dont really leave me much time to clean up da crib n chill a bottle a wine
den she rang ani buzzed her in told her come to apartment 210
magnem on deck for when its time to suite up lit up da booty n does it deffently do up
put a movie in but she really didnt curr
she lookin at me n im lookin at her
she touch on me n im touchin on her
den she started kissin hair
girl u betta quit dat shit 4 u fuck around n get dat shit
she was like nigga please
i aint met a nigga who can satisfy me n honestly i dont think u can hang wit me
imma need 2hours baby mabye even 3 !
i said baby time is of tha essence u need someone to delever a packageand not a message
n im tha UPS mani go tha extra mile
i delever wit a smile n delever for a while
so be cool cuz i no what im doin
panties and bra is what i wan to c u in
den we can jusminus da panties and bra
massage yo thighs n just add dis cannon wit balls
n any other problems i can solve em
even if u just need a massage i got chu
we can takeit real slow at da begin
keep dem coochie lipsa grinnin when i hit it from behind
den pop goes da wheezel
cuz da wheezel goes pop all over ya head shoulders knees n toes
but i bet chu i dont even get to finish
imma have u tappin out in 30 minutes
cuz i no where dat spot at girl!

(Thanks to terri for these lyrics)
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