Lyrics to That Ol' Guitar
That Ol' Guitar Video:
He sits there by the window
In that other world...where he goes
Reaching for his guitar
As he looks out at the snow
He picks it up gently
And he holds his heart
Lord, I wish he'd hold me
Like he holds that ol' guitar

He sings of magic mountains
As he looks up at the sky
Like a bird who waits through winter
'Til he's got the strength to fly
He's just across the room now
But we're worlds and worlds apart
Lord, I wish he'd touch me
Like he touches that ol' guitar
That ol' guitar keeps calling him away to far off lands
'Cross the silver sand and sparklin' seas
And I almost think I'd rather watch him hold some other woman
Than to cling to something I can never be

Some sunny morning...I'll wake up
Listening for his song
I'll see the open window
And I'll know he's finally gone
Whistling down some dusty highway
Flaggin' down a car
Lord, I wish he'd take me
Where he takes that ol' guitar
I wish he loved me
Like he loves that ol' guitar
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