Lyrics to That Night
That Night Video:
Do you remember the night that we met?
You couldn't regret, anything we did.
We could of got caught, it would of been so worth it.

Do you remember how long that we waited?
We anticipated.
As you, stood in the parking lot waiting, and waiting.

Do you remember the look on my face?
The jumping embrace that you gave to me.
I could finally see that we were meant to be,
and you love me, and you love me.

I will always remember...

The shorts and the boots and the socks that you wore,
and our first kiss against the car door,
where you on grabbed my face,
and you kissed me like you had waited for so long,
and i waited for so long too.

waiting for you, never gets easier.

We got in the car and all that mattered was us.
We made no mistakes that night.

That night, that night, that night, that night.
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