Lyrics to That Girl
That Girl Video:
I'll be your shadow
So you'll never be alone
I'll be your sunlight
So you'll never be cold
I'll be your moon
Underneath your starlit sky
I'll be your everything
And then tears in your eyes

Verse 1:
She says she loves you
She says she cares
She says your the only one
Who makes her feel this way
But how will you feel when
She finds someone new
Just turn around and you'll see
That I can love you too


Verse 2:
How do I fit in to your puzzle
To the mold of your life
Everyone has somebody
To make them feel right
When will you recognize me
For who i really am
And not just "that girl"
That says she can love you til the end


Verse 3:
Now that she's gone
I'm not long invisible
In your eyes
You finally see me
For who I really am
I am "that girl"
Who will love you til the end

I am your shadow
And your never alone
I am your sunlight
And your never cold
I am your moon
In your starlit sky
I am your everything
I am the tears in your eyes...
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