Lyrics to That Cat Song
That Cat Song Video:
Found you by the dumpster, you were licking some old shoe
took you in for shelter and to fix you up like new
you were awf'ly scruffy, still I knew you would be mine
but we never had the talk, the one where we define

Our relationship
and now you're all I need
when I return from work
or had a miserable week

And the days passed, we get older, but we live in our routine
perhaps you got a little bored, haven't seen you since 5:15
the neighbour to my left said, that you licked his hand
I feel so jealous, I thought I was your friend
and the neighbour to my right said, you come and drink her milk
oh the pain to know you're sleeping on someone else's silk

I know I've got nothing to look forward to anymore
you're running around town
my cat is such a whore

And still I have to love you, cause I just can't forget
those beautiful eyes, and your brunette

I miss your purr
Will I ever catch you scratch the couch again ?

And one day it was raining and I was alone
I saw you sitting by the window like a queen on her throne
I opened the door, because well I'm glad that you're back
but we both know that you do just whatever the heck you want

And so I realise
you'll never be mine
and after all, I see
my cat owns me
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