Lyrics to Thanks Pigs
Thanks Pigs Video:
Fly with your mind
to hot summerland
Take a break
in the morning air
While everything runs in the best way.
Let's call on the phone
your closest friend...
Maybe tonite
we will reach the West
watching the nightsky
dreaming the best.
Dreaming the sun sky,
getting the best...
This is not the right place
for those psychopaths
I write about in my trendy craps...
(Lucifer is an angel
living on the violet hill)...
Hawaiian shirts and some vodka-ice
Don't wanna see any well-known faces
... Writing reviews for some music mags...
... eating hot-dogs on the golden sands... sands...
Nobody can do anything to me
This isn't fiction and not a film.
"We're just the alternative ultra-chic...
Killers exist only in your fantasy..."
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