Lyrics to Thanks And Praise
Thanks And Praise Video:
A fistful of steel in my right hand
And if it be Jah will
I began
Giving thanks and praise
Cause I coulda been
Pushing up daisies
With Babylon trying to phase me
But I evade it you see
Ya if was
Something that had nothing to do with me
Giving thanks for the quest
For one love and one unity
Cause free is what we should be
One people not in captivity
Giving thanks for the sun up above
Shine on everyone
Raise a Jah love
It keeps my black skin black
So you know it's a factor
Giving thanks for the days that's past us
Jah provides not because he has to
Giving thanks for what I have Jah
Remember I and I
When you're passing by and by
Would you ever see an eye
When I give thanks and praise

well even if you got the whole damn world on your shoulders
every day you're still alive
but a little bit older
I just shake it off
Can't let it get me down
Especially in this crunch time
I won't just wanna sit around and??
I got to keep my shit together
We been walking on this earth forever
I might've lost my job
Lost my girl's touch
But I ain't in a rush
So hush baby hush
I'm just chilling in the park
Clear my mind
It's a nice day
The sky's still blue
The wind is still blowing
The trees are still growing
My baby boy is two
You're getting bigger everyday
We chilling philly
Around the way where we living
Got the whole world in check
This is just the beginning
So I keep my mind open
Eyes shining bright
I'm an old dog learning new tricks every night
And every time you get cut
You know you might get scarred
But don't sweat it kid
Just remember who you are
When I give thanks and praise

Giving thanks for the birds
and the herbs
and the words I speak
To a superb sound
Giving thanks for the funky dope sound
Giving thanks for the ground
Place stone
Haile Selassie (JAH!)
Jah will being done in the fulfillment of the prophecy
Door to door
King of Kings
All eternity
giving thanks for my health
cause I know that somewhere there's children starving to death
giving thanks for my friends and my family
I couldn't make it sometimes
Without them helping me
Someday this world will come up
Babylon taking me through phases
We're still giving thanks and praise
Gotta give thanks and praise
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