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Lyrics to Thank You Very Much
Thank You Very Much Video:
Hey yo thank you very much
The niggers that rejected
Thank you very much, gangsta breezy
Thank you very much
The niggers that rejected
Told me about whatever
Told me I was riding the bus
Jealousy ain't help you
Hated me and it dealt you
Bad hand he go hard
So he help yourself
Thank you very much
For never showing love
You told e I'm 1-O-6
Now I'm the shit to you, hard
With success come more stress with
Niggers where you from?
My name in your mouth
Guess I really made it out huh?
So thank you very much
For purchasing that software
You're more soft and not support
When you had the choice for her
Heard to be voice
And like the voice to play alimony
All the money leaping around on me
What's your choice?
Thank you very much, but those the one that pay me
Won a verse from me
Ain't cheapo before you baby
I'm at the Barkley's nowadays
You fucking crazy?
You niggers play me
I got a house payment bitch nigger
Thank you very much to my parents
That apparently help me bearer
From London, Japan to Paris
Apparently they used to push me in carriage
Till they pushing me forward
Finally can't afford it
I'm working my way to fortune
So thank you very much
Thank you very much
To everyone I touch
Words touch so kept'em tuck
Glad you gave a fuck
For all the front that you put up
When I didn't make the cut
One nigger to cut
Adding to the remix till this cuts
So thank you very much
To Kenny for every penny
You counted then mama let me
Distress only made me tough
I'm sorry you had to touch her
You'll understand soon enough
Thank you the same as kicking me out
I won't hold a grudge
And thank you very much
To the army putting one's arm
And they hate me just to go home and add me
Into they favors
Cause your views count to count to YouTube
When you're hating them
Man it's strong
They running on millie and milli lately
So thabnk you very much
To each one of you major labels
That feel to sign me soon
Now we going up on the wages
Thank you very much for the favors
For all the Jordans
Jordan, thank you Jordan G
The video low was major
And thank you very much
To the one friend I still love
Disappeared on me homey
I hope you're doing good
Taught me don't trust no one
Don't he swore to me I could
Thank you very much my nigger
Fuck it, it's all good
And they you very much
Most dope CD E
Made it dope to the PCT to this IWE
I appreciate you
And last but not least
Thank you for wonderful that you did for my dream
Thank you very much
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