Lyrics to Thank You, John Steinbeck
I was a lot younger but I was a fighter
And now he could get me out of any jail
I packed up and left, part of me waited
But I already know how lucky I am

World softly spinning and the stars are forever
And I remember the violence in your hazel eyes
I know I should say, yeah I know I should tell her
I'm sorry for everything and I hope you're all right

Is the light still blinding?
Is the morning sun still coming back?

I was saved by the water of rivers
By the laughter of children who wish I was home
But asking the world to make it come easy
Didn't work for your parents, yeah you're on your own

I left in a hurry, my clothes barely buttoned
And Travels With Charley tucked under my arm
Got the road to your cell
And your [?]
I'm thinking about you wherever you are
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