Tha Outro Lyrics

G Perico

2 Tha Left

Lyrics to Tha Outro
Tha Outro Video:
2 Tha Left, you know
That's how we livin', that's how we feelin'
You know what I mean, fuck a cop, fuck police
I don't trust police, nigga, you know what I mean?
I love thots, ha-ha-ha-ha

That's that 2 Tha Left shit, what up cuz?
All my niggas, you know what I'm sayin', Shit Don't Stop man
All my niggas on the way, what's happenin'?
You know when I speak, I speak for y'all, right?

So uh, 2 Tha Left, dedicated to my niggas
That been down since day one, you know what I mean
And gon' be down, and gon' stay down, you dig me
We coming up
And uh, until next time
I'll be back real soon
2 Tha Left, bitch
So Way Out
Songwriters: Jeremy Nash
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