Tha Mac Bible: Chapter 2:11 Verse 187 Lyrics

Tha Eastsidaz

Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz

Lyrics to Tha Mac Bible: Chapter 2:11 Verse 187
Tha Mac Bible: Chapter 2:11 Verse 187 Video:
There's a scripture in the Mac Bible that says
'He that trusts a ho, shall surely be broke'
'Pressure busts a pipe that make water run uphill'
Alotta you n_ggas talk that sh_t
But half you n_ggas ain't real
Will the real n_ggas stand up and be counted
Or lay down and be mounted
Cuz this game is not a playground, it's a classroom
It's not a holiday, but an educational process
And experience is your greatest teacher
So listen to the gangsta mack preacher
Macks do what they want, bustas do the best that they can
From half of a gangstas start, is a s_cka's dream
In the game God said, that he would send a G
With the street ethnics and G-Code
With the gangsta Ten Commandments
And the gangsta Ten Commandments shall read:
'Thou shall kill a snitch'
'Thou shall check a b_tch'
'Thou shall charge a ho'
'Thou shall send a s_cker'
'Thou shall respect the G'
'Thou shall pack that steel'
'Thou shall keep it real'
'Thou shall flex his G's'
'Thou shall stack his green'
'Thou shall stay true to his game'
See I'm a gangsta, not a prankster
I don't pull rabbits out of my hat
But I will pull a strap from behind my back
Now how 'bout that!
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