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Lyrics to Texas Never Whispers
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Here we go .. she's on a hidden tableua
Just a two for one .. And a two for one is right
Down my alley sight .. I'm just a wasted ... beehive

Don't you know its an easy thing when it's lost
Does it show when the ends are frayed and it's tossed out
Lined with silver thread .. I 've seen your wasted ... beehive

She's so lacidasical .. should've been a west coast bride
Backseat on electric glide .. pilots flying drive by fades

Don't hold your breath too long .. this tunnel is a Texas mile

Cavities and yellow eyes .. bleach a daisy second prize
Cherry pickin vagrants ... my da' was locked I guess I'd feel fine

The way the river bends .. the one who's bendin' over me

la da da da da da ...
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