Testimony Lyrics



Lyrics to Testimony

[Verse 1:]
Every now and again, my mind takes me back
Back to when I was young and didn't know you
But look at me now, it's a wonder how Imade it through
So that's why I say (Thank you)
Anytime, any day (Thank you)
You are the light that shines in me know

This is my testimony,
Never left me when I was lonely,
You stayed by my side,
So it's a must I gotta live right.
Even when times get harder,
I know I can go straight to my Father,
So any one that's lonley,
Try Chirst, that's my Testimony

Ohh- Somebody's lost their way
Somebody needs to pray
I know you'll find hope in my testimony
Ohh- Somebody's going through
Somebody's lost the truth
I know you'll find hope in my testimony

[Verse 2:]
Let me just say I've been there
Money short, bills due, He's still there
Pouring love all around me, oh
So glad he done found me
You might through going through
And I'm not here (wait a mintue)
Yes I am here just to preach to you
Cause sooner or later you'll tell me what God can do



Let go it's alright
I know your heart can't take no more pain
That's why I say Jesus is the way
Please hear me and listen clearly
No man can be truely saved but throough the Father
Then you'll see my testimony
Is the way to make you believe

Songwriters: Daniels, Lashawn Ameen / Jerkins, Freddie D Iii
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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