Testify With My Heart Lyrics

Jennifer Rush

Non-album songs

Lyrics to Testify With My Heart
It's fading fast, all I have gone to Nothing that I hated more Than feeling unsure Tell me what it is Keeping my heart open Never wanted anything more To do with before Does it mean I'm moving to your side This time I'm laying it right on the line Could it be that it won't backfire That this is nothing just clear out of sight CHORUS: I wanna testify with my heart No matter what else I need to know I wanna testify with my heart Not with my mind that might say no I've come down to The point of no return Unlike time there's no pretending I am surrendering Warnings from the past They're strong but don't last Sometimes theres no shadow of doubt Don't want a way out No matter the more I seem to do I am still left weak for you Gonna testify with my heart Never before been so torn apart REPEAT CHORUS I wanna testify with this heart Whatever it is you want just say so I wanna testify with this heart Theres nothing else that I need to know REPEAT CHORUS

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