Lyrics to Terry Brown
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I meet this muthafuckin balla bitch on the other side of town, painted down, she said her name was Terry Brown. Told me call her Sweet T didn't know she'd be so sour, got the digits ready to hit it, said call her in about an hour. So I hit her on the beep, said I woke her out of sleep, conversation got real deep, I say what's up wit a late night creep. She said that was good and cool, pick her up at 9 o'clock, no need rent a hotel she said she had her own little private spot. So I hit the shower black, thinking bout benna benna gar, didn't think next in the dirt would be my muthafuckin nuts. Cause this bitch was real fine, on that level of my nine, who would have thought to think this bitch would label me as Jimmy Wine. Pulled up in her driveway slow, creeping so I didn't blow, gangsta walked up to her door and told dat hoe come on lets go. Headed to our designation, she was actin' real calm, ask her why her pants so tight she said it keeps her pussy warm. She was talkin durty tought and my dick was getting hard. She said apartment 44 right next to that vacant yard. Got inside and dim the lights, smoked a blunt to set the mood, busted a move unlaced my shoes got in my lay back attitude. Threw that bitch across the bed, fuck me written cross her head, wildin like a stalin and she rode me like a thurebred. Next thing you know I feel asleep woke up and the bitch was gone. Niggas standin over aimin barrels at my dome, tried to move but I couldn't budge, duck tape held my movement still. Blood gon spill if I'm dead cause that trick set me up for the kill, heard a blast, I feel a burn, he ran through my testicals, run lick, recovered my clothes, blood was drippin out my nose. Only vision at my sight, found myself getting kind of weak, gasping for air trying to catch my voice but couldn't even speak, now my family gon eat, cause I'm without me, should've check the bitch instead I was sleepin with the muthafuckin enemy.

Watch out for them perpetrating haters,
They'll fade ya
Every chance they get they'll try to break ya
I'll take ya for whatever you got you'll don't
Get rich is the enemy,
don't trust no body
no nigga
don't trust no bitches,
The enemy
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