Lyrics to Terrible Mercy
Terrible Mercy Video:
I hear some people say
There's no burning cross
No holocaust
And we are not to blame
No trail of tears
No fallout here
No coming judgment day

I hear some people shout
There's no poverty
No undeserved disease
And no body counts
No toxic waste
No ozone rays
No sermon on the mount

Oh for ears to hear
And eyes to see
Terrible mercy
Terrible mercy
Lord I believe
Help my unbelief

I hear some people cry
There's no corporate greed
No slavery
And no one is denied
No justice due
No need for truth
No cross on which to die

I heard someone say
Blessed are they
Who walk in peace
For goodness sake
Great is their reward

By Kate Campbell & Mark Narmore
© 2006 Large River Music (BMI)
Caketaker Music/Sony ATV Tree Music (BMI)
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