Tentativa Favorita Lyrics

16th Avenue

In It To Win It

Lyrics to Tentativa Favorita
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Hey, I'm gonna sweep you away,
Faster than cascade, I'll take your breath away.
And stop, don't say a word,
Your eyes tell a story, a fairytales.

And I, and I, will close your eyes,
I'll make you drift away.
And don't cry, no don't cry,
It's not a lie, it's just your lullaby.

And I will kiss you forever,
Lips of silence my favorite endeavour.
Feel my arms, wrapped around you,
Falling into the oceans of virtue.

Hey, today is your day.
When fantasies, become reality.
And stop, just let it all go.
you're gonna feel somethings,
From head to toe.

Girl you know, I know you want it, just as bad as me.
Come on let's go I swear Ill show you, that these sheets were made for you.
Into the night, this endless fight, that leaves us breathless, bodies still.
And when the sun is rising up, I'll be there right beside you
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