Lyrics to Tempted
Maybe I should when I shouldn't
She want to make a feature film and stay up watching the footage
And it's a rap
Maybe I will when I wouldn't
She got me checking for the exits every time she ain't looking
She tell me go ahead and tease me
Need me to then just leave me
Use me and then abuse me
Baby don't make me easy
Say she gon' make me sleepy
Send me pics through the wee-fee (wi-fi)
Watch me up on the TV
Doing shit that is freaky

She defeats me
Got me feeling super uneasy
Every time I get around her I feel dizzy and queasy
I can not hold my tongue
Let me speak freely
I think you should really find the time for coming to see me
I should not let you get in
To run me off my heading
But I've seen you second guessing
So just let me pop my head in
‘Cause once I get a taste of that body I've been sweating
It'd probably just be better for me to move out to Yemen
I've been

I've been tempted
So tempted
So tempted
So tempted
So tempted

Maybe I like the attention
Maybe a part of me enjoy the fact she got no discretion
Met her in passing now she asking for some room on the guest-list
I know she trouble but the bubble got the boy second guessing
I'm think I'm my worst enemy
Must be my pedigree
Even the devil on my shoulder is telling me
I should let it be
Got bad tendencies
But that ass befriended me
Got me going out my mind and got me acting so recklessly

And still she's checking that Wrek'll be
Up for the specialty
See she spiritually wrestles me
‘Till I'm hot [?]
It's just bad news bearing
When you're bearing necessities
And got me out here wanting to just share in your equity
Get it in
Get it vibing
Get the sin
Get it loud
Every time I try to soak you in I just drown
Queen of the Amazons groping me and now
I can't even lie I know exactly what is going down
I've been

So tempted
So tempted
So tempted
So tempted
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