Temper Tantrum 3 Min Lyrics


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Lyrics to Temper Tantrum 3 Min
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Sending out e-mailsWaiting for someone's replyThinking of detailsWatching the nail varnish dryMicrowave dinnersBringing the mobile in the bathThink like a winnerThere's something strange about that laughterWhen things are overAnd your outfit smellsLike cigarettes and MuscatelYou were supposed to have a stagNow you are breathing in a bagYou were supposed to wake up in a double bedYou and your overrated friendHad to let it endNow you are waking up wishing you were deadStaying up too lateLeaving the radio onTrying to think straightCold sweat and terrible songsAll those happy peopleCouples entwinedMake you feel lonelier inside

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