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Lyrics to Tell Me To My Face
Tell Me To My Face Video:
Featuring Royce Da 5'9

(Verse 1: Havoc)
One for my troubles, two for the money
Haters feeling some kind of way and I don't give a fuck, B
Take the good with the bad, toastin', raisin' my glass
Shorty want my attention, she backin' up that ass
We fornicate, I'm all she ate, I'm puffin' on that loud
High as a helicopter – I'm standin' on a cloud
Livin' life to the fullest, and smokin' on that good shit
Got to find a way to do it, and now you findin' excuses?
Shorty, get with the movement – stop livin' that illusion
The niggas you look up to is under my influence
Yeah, your Grammy artists and your Moonman winners
I'm the reason they even got a speech to deliver
I'm certified hood, anywhere I go I'm good
If you knew better you'd do better, you wouldn't if you could
The world is a cold place, got on my leather bomber
My intent is foul with a smile, I'll be Obama

(Hook: Havoc)
For what it's worth, I don't do the back and forth
Let's get it over, nigga, tell me to my face
Everybody talkin' like a killer, I ain't with it
I say “do it, grow some balls, nigga, tell me to my face”
Feelin' any kind of way, and do this shit night or day
We don't play with ‘em, we aim ‘em at your face
I'll tell you now, I ain't playin' with you clowns, I never will
Wipe that smile off your motherfuckin' face

(Verse 2: Royce Da 5'9)
Yeah – when Ryan performing,
Diamonds on him looking like shining armor
So when I die, you just supply my body with iron embalming
I'm buying up everybody, from the highest to the hired informant
By deploying words like a thesaurus, I've acquired employment
From lying dormant, quiet as Mormons
To buying up foreign properties, been my ongoing prophecy
We're all going in profits, war and robbery
Fuck my trigger finger, the whole arm's itching, I got the poison ivy
I won't stop until your eyes go mahogany
This is my backyard barbecue flow
I'm living by the honorable artistry code
I went about as far as modesty goes
And that's good as gold, mind, body and soul
I'm outside of me watching my body
Embody god body till the inside of me
Thinks quicker than the outside of me
Pops mollies and drinks liquor
So hiccup
Either be a rhymer or be Vietnam
Now run along and tell your complete circle to be around

(Hook: Havoc)

(Verse 3: Havoc)
For day one, had that feelin' I would get that paper
All my competition crumpled like vanilla wafers
Ice runnin' through my veins, sippin' Hennessey, no chaser
You know what I made's a product of my environment
Single for the soldiers on my team that ironed this
The iron spit, yeah, and we cry “rich”
Always on that fly shit, that real nigga fly shit
Wildin', bangin' that Big “Ready To Die” shit
Stylin' on these niggas then you know I throw up my shit

(Hook: Havoc)

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