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Lyrics to Tell Me
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In violation of a thought a long-long time ago,
Impressive reasons fill the caverns of my mind
No celebration for the people that I didn't know
Connected even though there's nothing left to find

There's more than I can say
And there's a deeper part of me
Won't you be my inspiration
Help me end my desperation now

Tell me what it is I'm meant to do
I've fallen to my knees
I've shed away my tears
And lost my destiny

I sit beneath the sun
My hands held to the sky
I cannot ask a question
But still I wonder why
//end chorus

Poetic justice never seems to make the world feel right
Chaotic voices in the darkness call your name
You turn away from me whenever I remind you of the day the sun
Saw through the lies exposing all the pain.

//insert chorus

And there's so much pain
And there's so much war
And there's so much hurt
I can take no more
Won't you come and take me
To another daaaaaaaayeah
And Take me far away.

//insert chorus
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