Lyrics to Tell Me A Poem
Tell Me A Poem Video:
I could be the last time you stand beside meIt could be the first time we see it throughNo matter what comes I won't ask you to write meThere's only one thing I'll ask from youTell me a poem write a love song just for meI will miss you no longerTell me your story let me be the keyI will be I will be freeAnd so you are leaving love and happiness behindJust turn around and say goodbyeWhat have I done to make you change your mindJust turn around and I won't cryWhat ever happens don't try to be trueI let you go if only youTell me a poem ...Wherever I go I just can't take this blues awayCan't get these words out of my headThe only cure for me is when you softly sayThese words again I won't be sadTell me a poem ...Tell me a romance write a fairy tale for meI will miss you no longerShow me your heaven and baby you will seeI will be I will be free"

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