Tek Weh Yuh Self Lyrics

Mr. Vegas

Hot It Up

Lyrics to Tek Weh Yuh Self
Tek Weh Yuh Self Video:
Young and old people a di da dance ya,
it hit! (me a tell you)
who dem a ramp wid
popeye, (dutchie pot) alright
ravers clavers ...yea
black blingers....yea
timeless....de ya
sample six all dancers

everybody start tek weh yuself
follow de riddim and tek weh yuself
spin wid it and tek weh yuself
a de new dance tek weh yuself
cause some a dem bad mind
some a dem bad mind tek weh yuself
tek weh yuself dem bad mind.
dis ya one a fi prime time, dis
a fi prime time, tek weh yuself
a prime time.

so when you see wicked people tek weh yuself
when you see natsy people tek weh yuself
from dem no study evil, tek weh yuself
no par wid dem ina vechicle
tek weh yuself

and if you best fren a cat
tek tek weh yuself
and yu no waan look flap
tek tek weh yuself
spin wid it and no drop
tek tek weh yuself
all kieva got it locked


tek weh yuself it so easy to do
fi dis ya style ya goddiffie caan sue
mi an mi fren den no join certain crew
tek weh weself we nah rave wid dem
nah tek weh weself from de gal dem
dis one feel like another anthem
watch dem a do the dance a queens and brooklyn


so every dancers start march out
dis ya dance weh dem a talk bout
turn up the sound , it nah go short out
wicked people try walk me out
so mek we tek it pass dem deh
you nosee along time we pass dem deh
mek we dance pass dem deh
ya hear weh me a she membe

(chorus) twice
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