Lyrics to Ted's River Song
you when I close my eyes open my eyes
realize I think I would oblige
and if I tied my tongue together
smelled a rose and fell right on my nose

would it be the same
should I know your name
could you stay for just a while

you when I float downstream buy the dream
and touch the steam I think it would redeem
and if we drift away together
filled our souls and lost all we control

would it disagree
should I wish to be
could you guarantee a while

and help me down from this rope I'm walking
such a long long way to fall
and if I see the edge of the morning
I got no expectations at all
so dance with me tonight

look at the sky don't lie
just just tell me now if I should say goodbye
fortunate child so wild
like the river washes sinners reconciled

would it fall apart
should I close my heart
could you hold me for a while

and you when I close my
eyes open my eyes
realize I think we can surmise
and if I'm gone too long
this song is all I've got to right this wrong

would it end the same should
I save your name
could you laugh with me a while
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