Lyrics to Teddy Bear
my teddy bear
oh can you swear
when he comes back
oh please be there

in black despair
beyond repair
turning to stone
from skin to bone

It stings so much, I did behave
I close my eyes and just behave
don't move, not a single word from me
it hurts and hurts, can't you set me free

quiet i am as being told
this night again time seems to be on hold
an inner cry for help without a tone
my heart's of ice, my soul alone

driven by rage and blinded by lust
you killed the faith and abused blind trust
but whatever you do just don't forget
what you give is what you get

my teddy bear
does always care
will turn to life
so be aware

one day when midnight hour will arrive
when the one presumed dead comes to life
the teddy bear with his bare paws
will hunt the enemy with scratching claws

enough of all affected love
it's time for my love to turn into hate
my prayers will be heard from the god above
and there will be a twist of fate

out of a kids fantasy
a toy of plush will remedy
the injustice of this violence
bringing the noise of pain to silence

now be aware
and take good care
to whom you give
a teddy bear
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