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Carnivore Mothermouth

Lyrics to Technocarnivore Mothermouth
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Mother holds the schemes of a life to be
In the matrix mind you will have to roam
Tripping over selective memory
Down a channel that runs alone

Glass membranes give birth to atomic spines
Be a part of the plan or return to dust
Feel observed cause mother knows where you hide
Did you look at the big eye set for us

Technocarnivore mothermouth
March past on conveyors
Technocarnivore mothermouth
Feed the craze of your soldiers

Load a bliss and trade your identity
Mother's making slaves of the mouths to feed
Have you lost your sense of humanity
Mother eats your soul with the jaws of greed


Match the wave when you sense the crave
Fear the fangs of voracity
Feel the lust of the big machine
That drinks the blood of your fantasies


Technocarnivore mothermouth


Fibroid pipelines give you sustenance
A fly caught in the web is your meal today
Hungry warhead jawbones wait behind
Ready set to bite when you run away

Technocarnivore mothermouth
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