Lyrics to Tattoo Me
Tattoo Me Video:
Tattoo me, tattoo me
Make me a personality
Pierce me, pierce me
I must have pain with my poverty

Ooh, yeah - what you make me do, baby
Make me use a smaller vocabulary
You now you're a rebel - you can deal with that sting
But the world doesn't owe you a single fucking thing, baby

She's always day-dreamin' about chocolate and semen
With that cartoon on her ass, she doesn't need a reason

Tattoo me, tattoo me
I have no personality
Pierce me, pierce me
I need some pain with my poverty

You don't need fingerprints or a DNA track
With a technicolor target laid out on your back
Is she of age or is she a veg?
A girl in doc martins will never trim that hedge

Oh, vegan skin - are you getting thin?
Can you hear the meat scream from within

Tattoo me
Tattoo me
Tattoo me
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