Lyrics to Tapas
Tapas Video:
[Verse 1:]
Yeah my sole purpose
Long hair speak Turkish
Twisted sisters out like the universe soul circus
About to cop the crib furnished
Wood burning brick oven shit with the furnace
[?] fromage
Big plate look like a lobster collage
I'm on the art and the food scene
Fuck rap laying back eating poutine
Matter of fact couple rats make a cool bling
While you see me in the shorts all weather
Whether Puerto rica bitches chilling on the boardwalk
Rockaway smelling like Georgie
Ready for orgies slightly retarded
20 seconds dead in the forty
There's money to be gotten
[?] from the rotton
Scotch make it neat no socks on the feet
When I'm stepping the loafer
Creamy like the [?]
Guaranteed I'm getting box like a no controller
Baby momma catching cases
High speed chases
Fiends rocking the id bracelets
You only live once so fuck if I'm a waste it
I'm in France stepping on grapes you can taste it
Yeah make cheese like the fromagia
Tatted chest cover pain wash the scars
Daddy disapprove of my life just like I'm Marvin Gaye
Keep the dodge I want the 87 [?] gray

[Verse 2:]
Stuff a shorty like the [?]
Light tan on the shoe like banana nut
Strong odor off the weed like your grandma's butt
No attempt to disrespect but my grandma blunt
But I'm known to eat expensive lunches
From the [?] to the table
Aired straight right to the plate I doubt you could relate
Figs at the peak of their ripeness
Money off this money motherfucker I like this
So cut the check

[Verse 3:]
Hey yo the kush get flipped to a swan origami
Floating in the water
North of north Dakota
Dip to Barcelona Algeria connection
Pussy like a leather jacket
Been to hell and back
They tried to sell me back but they couldn't
Hookers by the hold chilling with dr.goodin
Top is up for grabs so why wouldn't
Bronson be the one coming through with the gold belt
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