Lyrics to Tanks! Tanks! Tanks!
Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! Video:
Tanks, tanks, tanks. Bombs, bombs, bombs. Nuclear heat-seeking battleships. Shake yer hips, raise your fists, tell 'em they can kiss yer' ass if they come knockin' for us kids.

You needed a dependable work force so you created a drug ware n' got one in orange. Now on the backs of the poor, you're taking over the world by force. Whatever for?

Mr. Rumsfeld, a question from me to you. If Saddam is such a jerk then why in 1982 did you give him a pair of gold spurs? If you ask me how I feel my friend, I'd say "actions speak louder than words." If you ask me how I feel Mr. Military Man, I'd say "actions have spoken louder than words." Woo-hoo!
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