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Lyrics to Talkin' To Me (Trackmasters Remix)
Talkin' To Me (Trackmasters Remix) Video:
(feat. Foxy Brown)

[Intro: Foxy Brown]
Oh (oh) and it don't stop, okay
This right here, TM what up baby
Amerie, you in the streets now baby!

[Verse 1: Amerie]
Boy you know, you know, I seen you for a while
And I don't know, I don't know but I can tell by your smile
Something bout the way that you look at me, it's tellin' me
All that you want to say, before you even speak, yeah

[Chorus: Amerie]
Everytime our eyes meet (everytime)
they be talkin', talkin', talkin' to me (yeah)
talkin', talkin', talkin' (they be) talkin' to me
Just ain't no need for words to speak (no, no, no)
(cuz everytime) they be talkin', talkin', talkin' to me
talkin' (tonight) talkin' to me (yeah)

[Verse 2: Amerie]
Boy you know, you don't have to say a word
Cuz everything you want to say, I've already heard
Baby come to me, won't you show me what this could be
Cuz I just want to give you all my love (oh oh oh oohhh)

I know they can't see (they just can't see)
How a love unspoken can be so deep (can be so deep)
Cuz everytime that you look my way (oohh ohhh)
I see, what your heart wants to say to me

[Foxy Brown]
Introducing this Young Fox here (woo)
I get the paper so I don't care
And the fuck wrong with him?! (woo)
I don't wear Burberry in the pool, I rock Cavalli to swim, YUP!
This streets chose me, delayin' for The Fever
Catch ya young girl on the cover of Don Diva
Brooklyn stand up! Throw ya fucking hands up!
(*singing* Ya motherfuckers fuckin' with me)
Ohh, now err' rap bitch wanna hop on Fox dick
The flow is classic, I can't be fucked with!
So run along with ya lil' ass hits
Everytime I turn around bitches got an accent now (what?!)
That go to show that I'm one ill bitch
And you know how Fox do, good H-Tod shoe and
along with me young Amerie
Miss cutie cute and ya knows 'er a rudegal (woo)

[Repeat chorus x2 w/ different adlibs]

Oooh ooohh, ooohh oooohh, I see how you look at me
It's hard for you to go
Oooh ooohh (oh oh), ooohh ohhh (oh oh, eh)
So won't you tell me all the things
that I already know, yeah

[Chorus w/ different adlib]
Songwriters: HARRISON, RICH
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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