Talkin' Folksinger's Blues Lyrics

Josh Joplin

Non-album songs

Lyrics to Talkin' Folksinger's Blues
I came to this world like everyone
My mother had me and I was born
I went to school like all the rest
Tried real hard and did my best
I flunked out

But that's not really where I went wrong
It was when I started singin' folk songs
I had Phil on the brain, Woody in my skin
I changed my name to Bobby Dylan
I was a real folksinger


But I knew if I were gonna be like them
I had to meet the people and see the land
So I packed up all the songs I know
Said goodbye and was down the road

I landed in Oglethorpe

That's a small town down in Georgia
Mighty fine place
Hoo hoo!

Well, I fell in love and I fell right out
Texas way or thereabouts
And I played in front of all sorts of crowds
And someone always seems to shout
"You know any Lynyrd Skynyrd?"

If I got a dime every time I heard
Someone out there shoutin' "Free Bird" I'd be a rich man

Probably richer if I knew it

So I headed up west to the coast
And through them mountains I almost froze
But soon I saw Seattle's light
It rained too much
I left that night

You know, there's a lot of things you can do in Seattle

I can't think of 'em right now


Yeah, I rambled up and I rambled down
And I landed in New York Town
Where they kicked me out of there with mean words 'n' stuff
Said I didn't come early enough
Should've been about, here about thirty years ago
All that folk stuff's come and gone

What are you tryin' to be?

Bob Dylan?

Yeah, I'm tellin' you, bein' a folksinger today
Is like bein' a dinosaur with somethin' to say
Oh m'god!

Burl Ives, get outta the way

I'm a real folksinger

Woo hoo hoo!
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