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Lyrics to Talk That Shit Now
Talk That Shit Now Video:
[Chorus: x2]
[Crowd] Talk that shit now!
[Kangol Slim] The U is for Unknown!
[C] Talk that shit now!
[KS] The N is for Nothing!
[C] Talk that shit now!
[KS] The L is for Lowlife!
[C] Talk that shit now!
[KS] The V is for Virgins!

[First Verse: Kangol Slim + Misdemeanor]

Tec-9 what'cha like???

[Kangol Slim]
I like room and shit

Tec-9 what'cha like???

[Kangol Slim]
Man I smoke rocks in clips

Tec-9 what'cha like???

[Kangol Slim]
Man I'm a clucka bitch, Meanor pop that bitch, ask him to suck your dick

Well Tec-9 get'cha wave back boy, you look bad
Do yourself a favor, and hit the rehab
It's a shame that you rap, and still gotta rob

[Strange Voice]
Ay yo, peel yourself off, we might give you a job

Ol' clucka muthafucka, been said it ass sucka
Probably burnt your lady fuckin' junkies with a rubber
Boy where your son at? Pussy ass Ya Fat
Still smokin' crack? Hope you got your mind back
Tryin' to diss my nigga Third, jockin' his ex
All in her face, trickin' off your crazy check
You'z a hoe, I know you know, let your colors show
Or should I beat that up like Glenn beat you after four?
Well beep beep beep, there goes that little red elite
We used to play schoolers back in elementary
Yella Boy back at Eastern, you used to be a dancer
But now in '94 I guess them golds make you gangsta
First the Eddie Bow then you tried the Hike
I guess you caught a flat on that little red bike
'Cise break it down, yeah we bout to act a fool
Won't you bring that fuckin' track to that fuckin' old school?


[Second Verse: Kangol Slim+Prime Time]

[Kangol Slim]
Well if I never knew a clucker now I know one
Got a couple of grams, Tec-9 you wanna score one?
Niggas always tryin' diss, but you know you lookin' pissed
You done made my hit list, you baboon lookin' bitch
Never take shit from a busta
Never take shit from a clucker
You tried to diss my clique? You'z a stupid muthafucka
Went on to bite my style
Give us a towel
Make my Uncle know that you dropped a diss, but it's too late
You shouldn't put out another tape
You say you fucked my boy ol' lady
Then I find out much later that she had your baby
Now I know it may seem a lil' crazy
But is that really his baby? Nigga Maybe
Nigga it's Drama Time, watch yo back
Get your gat
Before I hit your ass, I'm talkin' to the nigga named Ya-Fat
Fuck the UNLV, I'm down with PNC
And I roll with them niggas off that C.A.B
My nigga, Eazy-E, look here and Cat Daddy
And can't forget about the Big Money and G-Money
Yep I'm comin' for your ass so it's best you wear your vest
I forgot this bird than flew the Cuckoo's nest
Always wanna use a gun, lookin' like Fat Albert's son
You better run cuz muthafucka here I come
That's a lil' coward ass Yella Boy
That's a lil' coward ass Yella Boy
That's a lil' coward ass Yella Boy
That's a lil' coward ass Yella Boy

[Prime Time]
I biggedy bounce just like Slim
Don't give me that foolish like Pimp
I ask them hoes like three nine
I'm paid in full like Rakim
I'm knockin' 'em out like E-A-B
Don't love them hoes like P-N-C
I'm down with Bust down, and got beef like Sporty T
Like I told you before, in the deep N.O.
I'm Prime Time and I'll break you off, and that's somethin' I know fa sho
So come your back blown out if you fuckin' wanna
Fuck with P-N-C I'll put your ass up in a corner

[Strange Voice]
Oh it's a Big Boy thang
A power move swang
Don't fuck with our boys cuz you know you can't hang
It's a Big Boy thang
A power move swang
Y'all busta ass niggas can't hang

[Prime Time]
I'll take you bitch off the map
When it's time to strap, bust a cap
That fake ass track, and that fake ass rap
Get off the map
To that bitch Ya-Fat, I'ma make you go get'cha gat
I heard you mouthin' off track
Don't take no time to get smacked
And to that bitch Tec-9, you must don't mind dyin'
Fuckin' with Prime, wrong nigga, you better be packin' that iron
Save the pussy for last, Yella boy you gettin' dissed
Tryin' to rep on the Prime, you albino lookin' bitch
And with that fake ass Eddie Bow, shit is played out of style
I'ma make you worth your while, with a big ass smile
You round here reppin' and stuntin' talkin' bout y'all about it
Tryin' to diss PNC, Misdemeanor I doubt it
From a studio prankster to your label's obsessive gangster
Fuck around and I'll stank ya, might as well spank ya

[Chorus x2]
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