Lyrics to Talk Straight
Talk Straight Video:
Talk straight; talk straight

So I can relate.

Don't insinuate,

Please don't mumble.

Let's save some time;

Just say what's on your mind.

I will help you out if you stumble.

But, baby, talk straight.

Talk straight....

Yeah, you're scared to lose control,

To take a step that you might regret.

But if you never choose

Baby, you'll lose the prize you idealize,

So talk straight.

Talk straight.

You may lose some friends,

But, baby, in the end

It's better to defend than to cower.

And as for me,

If you cut me, I will bleed.

But I've come to believe

That the truth has a healing power.

Baby, if you only talk straight.

Talk straight.

Just talk straight, straight, straight ,straight.

Talk straight.
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