Lyrics to Tales Of Woe
Tales Of Woe Video:
A love as deep as the ocean
Left helpless a drowning child
The waves break his heart to pieces
His head swims his hands are tied

A picture painted in poetry
A song is sung with in her eyes
His play on words, her soliloquy
a scene that reads between the lines

He'll give three knocks upon her window
and wake her from a dream
He'll let three words slip from his lips
and steal her heart
Though each moment seems a lifetime
through those once impatient eyes
he still dies a thousand deaths
each time they part

Cast is a foreshadow
ash to ash and dust to dust
there's a million untold
Tales of Woe

Blinding storms of emotion
rain fall from clouded eyes
Asleep as deep as the ocean
one final lullaby
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