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Lyrics to Tale Of The Crimson Path
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[Lyrics: K. KIA & M. TANGSHIR]

(I can't make it)

There are some limits in human race, we must kneel
Who's got our salvation, the angel or the beast?
I will crucify?Oh no
Vengeance is mine, shall I let it go

Why something can't accept the rust of time
Why are there some changes can not be undone
I will purify?my wrath
Voices in my head, will they set me free

Hate is kind of love with more action through it
That's why it's o abandoned, but not on my earth
Who are these angels and the beasts, they are surrounding me
Which one is by my side, I will burn them all

Fate, just fate not just what you see
Though we call it the things that they ought to be
Infernal wisdom is just what I need
You holy fools, just set me free

As I lay down through the sea of blood
Stars are all falling, madness is calling
I wish they could have taken me to somewhere
Where everybody flies with their divine spread wings
Night wind is blowing, and damns me for all time
I've got no sorrow, there are no regrets
For what you have followed, I will grab on

There is no purified escape I ride in rage and blood
No matter who'd begun the world, I'll end it all
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