Lyrics to Tale Of The Black Tower
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[Chapter 1]


[Chapter 2]


The last at the warriors
Rose the spawns of hell
Gave them lessons of disaster
for the hells of burning death

It seems like a dreaming
But the battle is not
a dream at the end
Get ready for the end

We could see the guardians
all the doors
Get ready for the end

The World felt the darkness crawling
From the entrails of the Earth

Yet outside the blackened tower
People gathered for the end

Darkness, lies, changes, and power
Came towards the end

[Chapter 3]

You can fill an entire life of honor
If your death is worthy,
Changes will help you accept the events.
Don't live with fear
We can give our feelings
A chance to move on

[Foreword 2]

The wise advices
Showed us the path to follow
We were in front of our future
We just had to trust ourselves
Past was left behind.
A new chapter was being written.

[Chapter 4]

Wake up my friend
From fantasy,
Welcome my friend
(To) the new history

You're here now
But yesterday's so near
That present seems unreal

Stand up my friend
There are no chains
Wake up my friend
The pain already is dead

Glory waits us
And now
The storm is leaving
And the new time is freedom
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