Lyrics to Taking On Water
Taking On Water Video:
Yes, you're a big ship
Loaded down with a whole lot of baggage and freight
And life's a luxury liner
Cutting through each circumstance and wave
Now the cold icy waters have sent the captain with his bottle off to bed
The temperature's dropping
Radio is dead

Taking on water
Going down fast
Yes, under the breakers
Send an S.O.S.
Tell all the passengers to spend what they wanna
Taking on water

Call it catastrophe or the hand of the Good Lord reaching through
Call it a tragedy, but there will be no last-minute interviews
Got to be a bit heavy-handed when you're swimming in the shark-infested seas
Yeah, to get my attention off my treason and mutiny

Yeah, call me irresponsible
Baby, call me undeniably true
Well, at least for the moment when I first set my eyes on you
Got a big hole in a small heart
Asking You
No, begging You to fill
Gonna take some radical surgery
But you know my nasty will
Songwriters: MALLONEE, BILL
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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