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Lyrics to Takin' My Time
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Takin' My Time I'm feelin pretty good about myself not thinkin about me or anyone else just knowing that now or about this time realizin that I'm here and have to Hit the ground and now it's time to try to find that thing that makes you lie to yourself and others about those things inside of your head who never thinks Its time to get real when your on your own believe in yourself don't have any fear Chorus I'm takin my time at the end of my day make it all work out in its own way make my way back home and I wonder why how'd I ever get here This time you gonna know that you've done wrong you been callin my shots for way to long mabey I'm a little weak without my pride now the times are gonna change we'll make this right State of mind get tired but we'll get by.. or is it a lie?

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