Takin' It Back Lyrics

Kool Keith

Diesel Truckers

Lyrics to Takin' It Back
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[Kool Keith]
Kool Keith..
Way before down South (way before down South)
Hip-Hop in Chicago (hip-hop, in Chicago)
Rap on the West coast (rap on the West, rap on the West)

{*"Come follow me" - Buckshot*}

[Kool Keith]
PS 53 classmate with Kenny Pound
The Cold Crush Brother, watching Cassanova Lover
The master flower, Keith Thornton, there's no other
My class over at three with Bronx MC's
The super imposer, cruisin on the major deacon
Quarts and blunts, sippin Olde E on the weekend
My girl Fatima, half black and Puerto Rican
I'm movin fast rate, Webster down to Bathgate
A lot of guys was good, but many came half weight
The comp got bad, the city came half rate
Think to the critics, I left them all in debate...

PS 53, {*"I'm takin it back" - Buckshot*}
Junior high school, {*"I'm takin it back" - Buckshot*}
147, {*"I'm takin it back" - Buckshot*}
I went to Clinton, {*"I'm takin it back, come follow me"*}

[Kool Keith]
12 o'clock lunchtime, bangin on the school table
I was able more fatal to spin around like tornado
Catchin Batman & Robin, Green Hornet and Kato
The main attraction was Grandmaster Flash action
I tell brothers Mean Gene was with the L Brothers
Cordio Vex with Phase 2 drawin flyers
The crowd is fat, the people jumpin over wires
The 5 train runnin, the crew comin down from Dyer
Footline express, the last car but we don't fire
Schlitz malt liq', the P.A.L. gettin higher
With Union Ave up there, we used to watch stick-up kids
Go and laugh up there


[Kool Keith]
Cazal's in the place, girls peep my {?} feel
Fur on the collar, the German Shepherd feel real
Breakout and Baron, in the club, on the wheels of steel
Kool Herc in Cedar Park, echoes down the hill
Echo chamber, yes yes y'all
When B-1's was out, with the orange lights, where was y'all?
The Saigons, the Nomads, the Black Spades
Alexander's and Juman's was the real spot
Pro-Keds and Converse stayed real hot
Turtlenecks and shirts, AJ's and overlap
Stetson hats, bustin over mean raps


{*ad lib Buckshot Shorty scratches*}
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