Lyrics to Take Them Out
Take Them Out Video:
A lot of people out there are doing a lot of things,
pushing a lot of things.
Telling you to do everything.
You should take them out.
No, try, trying to face me.
My way to fucking disgrace me.
You try to fucking detest me.
Don't you try and seduce me.
My mind remembers what you did to me.
My mind remembers what you did to me.
I will never forget this. I will remember what you did to me.
[Precious:] What the fuck have you done to me?
you taught me your way to ascend.
Now I'm choking on the apathy.
I thought you were my fuckin' friend.
[CHORUS:] Why are you trying to taste me?
Don't you tell me that you love me.
My mind, a purity within itself.
[PRECHORUS/CHORUS:] There's so much time,
try and take them out, and never tell me anything.
My way, listen to the fuckin' lies.
My way, trying to be something.
My way, a purity within itself.
[PRECHORUS:] Try to fight your way inside me,
and never give in to the fuckin' suffocation of
this mother fucking god damn nation.
We must unite as one and fight.
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