Lyrics to Take Part
Take Part Video:
this is your captain speaking
air pressure is deleting
no time to sigh no time to frown
cuz we're all going down
what happened to this place?
this place i once called home
i tell you man it's fucked i'm left to stand here all alone
complacency is king and i can't do a thing
behind the bars of narrow minded
what happened to his face?
that face that held a smile
it got beat up by cynicism torture and denial
you can hit me all you like i'll just grow with every strike
and you can tell em all that i died laughing
poke em in the eye
with my middle finger a metre high and everything important to me
the world's on a demise and no one wants to use their eyes
if you look it's easy to see
it's time to make a change
what better time than now?
uprising and demising do you care what is allowed?
burn bridges with the past and we're all free at last
feel the magic as your eyes are opened
but life's so short for us
why struggle all the time?
have everything for everyone have everything that's mine
what's the problem with ideal why's complacency so real?
get off yer arse and make a difference
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