Lyrics to Take No Prisoners
Take No Prisoners Video:
Here come lonely days
It's like taps being cut off on Saturday night
Here come lonely days
I've been wishing that I wasn't such a parasite

I dialed your number 20 times
And I know that it ain't wrong
Lately it occurs to me
This time you're really gone
I'm so lonely

Here come lonely nights
I've been sending out distress signals
Morse code and the light
Here come lonely nights
This bed's become an ocean, and there is no land in sight

Suddenly it dawns on me
This time you're really gone

You know all my secrets
You know all my crimes
My degree of treason
And my sick state of mind
But your love is like a cannon
Ripping through the dark
Once I used to stagger
Now I've learned to walk
And I'm so lonely

Jesus, Jesus
It's my hour of pretense
I pray it would be followed by heartfelt repentence
My cranium's a battlezone
Break on through the compound and take no prisoners

Lately it occurs to me that You were never gone
When I'm lonely
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