Lyrics to Take My Soul
Take My Soul Video:
Now you're sitting in your room staring into space
Your hair is long and shaggy
Your clothes torn to shreds
The TV an endless stream of commercials
Chat logs filling up the screen beside

You remember the day on a meadow

You can see the details every little thing
But you can't remember what it felt like
You're not feeling anything

It's a movie without sound
Your haggard face flashes up with lightning
Creepy shadows reflect your soul

Take my soul consume me whole
I'm no part of this world
Take my love and hold it close
I can't be without you anymore

You are sitting in the scenery of your dream
Your clothes are neat and clean
Your hair cut your chin smooth

The scene is as beautiful as a painting
But there are no people or living things
It's as meaningless and empty as your gaze

You lose yourself in this dead world
You think you're living in your dream
But there's nothing in it
You're feeling nothing nothing
You seem complacent but there is nothing there
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