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Lyrics to Take Me Away
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Inside a second you can hear a flower growing in the wind
But does it reach you when there's darkness all around
How many days will this go on
How many thoughts can I obsess
Why do we come apart
And watch it all go down
Take me away I can't deny it
And all that I want is to touch the sky
Show me the way a simple mind
And no one can say it can't be done
I see it shining on the sun
A road that leads beyond this place
A way to push aside the walls that block our path
If time can truley be a lie
There's nothing left but you and I
Denying everything and shatering the glass
Out of mind out of time
All alone stuck at home
Can't decide full of pride
I want it all
Left to be only me
Far away everyday
Sanity vanity
I want it all
Symbolize seperation
Let me be set me free

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