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[Biz Markie] Huh? Yo this is funky! We gon' get down to the point And I'm just gonna say - I'd like to thank my man Rashad But we gon' get down like this, and you don't stop A twink-twinkle, a rock the house And my man Diamond Shell, a rock the house Can't forget my man Sal, rock the house, and Felle Fel, rock the house I can't forget, Capital, rock the house My man Capital T, will rock the house And to my man B, a rock the house, and my man Frankie, a rock the house I can't forget Doo G, rock the house and my man Cool V, a rocks the house y'all Ah to the beat y'all, you don't stop I'm Biz Markie with the funky sound and right about now, here's the countdown One.. two.. one, two, three [Chorus] Yo B take it from the top Yo B take it from the top (sayyy whaaaat?) Yo B take it from the top Yo B take it from the top (wellllllll) [Verse One] Well I demand respect, so everybody salute And by the way Backspin, is my attribute You may or may not, know who I am But frankly my dear.. I don't give a damn! You may know me from "Rockin' With Biz Markie" Or Shante, when she used to battle Sparky You might have seen in some videos with other folks Sittin on the bench while me and Biz was tellin mother jokes The meaning of my name some people may, try to guess Yes yes I'm fresh to the flesh, so let me manifest I make romance, I'm not a freelance I spin records; BITCH I don't breakdance! I scoop girls around the world that's what B does The name Backspin means that B was born.. as a creative, cut king Supreme poet, inferior to nothing Call me the teacher, since I'm the one who taught you (What's that?) Myyyyyyy DICK! (CAUGHT YOU!) I'm signin off because my rhyme's complete I say peace to Chancellor Avenue and Bergen Street [Chorus] Yo Cap take it from the top Yo Cap take it from the top (sayyy whaaaat?) Yo Cap take it from the top Yo Cap take it from the top (wellllllll) [Verse Two] Well get a grip and, yeah the Capital's rippin more than just a ordinary style, cold flippin Those that attempt to diss, or try to take this title away what? I think you better forget it Pit-pat this Jack, get off of the crack black It's the true fact, your record hit the pillow sack And now you're wonderin how make a comeback but don't make me laugh, your studio's a two-track Biz hits the bassline, then I rip the real line Together it's combined and designed to a master rhyme A little touch from Cool V himself An overnight process then it's ready for the shelves Perfect shit on wax is made Then bring it to the radio and let it get played There's no joke and only time to get fanatical So listen up or pay attention to the Capital I'm done with the rhyme for the time, so you can have 'em Aiyyo guys, why don't you throw somethin funky at 'em [Chorus] Yo Shell take it from the top Yo Shell take it from the top (sayyy whaaaat?) Yo Shell take it from the top Yo Shell take it from the top (wellllllll) [Verse Three] Y'all know me, as the Original D like to the I say with the A and hey bust this, M-O-N-D I grab the mic and recite rhymes in your left ear It's always def and different Never somethin from the previous years I'm quite slim, but rougher than a pair of Timbs The Diamond Shell will never trip stagger fall or bend I don't smoke and never ever have I drank no liquor Bein smooth keeps my rhyme style, that much quicker So yo hey chief, bust this technique of speak I'm feelin sheik and also rather unique I'm smooth as (?), you can't deny I'm innovative with style, and bound to hit primetime soon As I tour from Kalamazoo to the moon Give props to the rapper, the brother dresses Dapper than Dan cause I'm the man I'd like to make ya toes tap with the, funky type of flow, I'm smooth as a Lambo'- -Ghini I dream of Jeannie her hands on my jam So, once but not twice, this brother's precise When it comes to snakin girls I get as crooked as loaded dice Pullin women can't no man compete I nut 'em all from the Great Wall down to Wall Street So.. [Chorus] Yo Fell take it from the top Yo Fell take it from the top (sayyy whaaaat?) Yo Fell take it from the top Yo Fell take it from the top (wellllllll) [Verse Four] Ready for the ride I rip rap rapacious Crews don't slip you're payin penalty slashes Clashes crashed, but I crash ass or ravish the mic, and then I'ma pass all Hard to handle run a gamble like Vegas But I never lost the force be runnin wages of pages, and pages, biters think I'm cajun spice cause I'm so nice and eighteen is my age is Rappers crumble when I tackle they crackle I ramshackle Don't even know why they waste time on the pack'll of nine cause my rhymes do 'em in like rifles Stress the word, so you know I live trifle MC's, metamorphosize to digest days from a faze and my praise is like a rajah I reckon, that crews that step over this way think life is a game and they just too pissed to play Some say, on mics I'm a master A snatcher, a catcher, a very well matcher But crews better know that I hit like after, effects who's next I wreck from now til then And then when the then comes, I'ma go hit again like rat-a-tat-tat of the tickedy eatin dick-er whore So every move I make I make sure, it's riggydiggyraw Biz [Verse Five] Mar, kie the original Everytime I see V, yo I got material I was just kickin funky records for you cause I'm down with the rhythm of a, ah one chk two Singin, on records, I get respected It don't matter to me cause you know that I'm connected with B-M-V Biz Mark and Vaughn Down to wreck collect and then jet, to the break of dawn Discombobulate, sentence ain't complete unless I go {*beatbox*} AHH AHH AHH UHH {*cough*} on beat Zip-zop-a-zigga-lah, zagga-zucka-zaii No matter what I say, I always come out fly because my records get respected as I like jettin You will agree it's me, cause you know I'm inventin a different kind of rhythm of rhymin state That's why you like everything I create "Pickin' Boogers", "The Vapors", "Just a Friend" That's just some of the things you can comprehend So just check it, MC's wreck it You listen to the Biz Markie, don't disrespect it Just listen!

Songwriters: M HALL
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